The Dangers of Hidden Injuries

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The Dangers of Hidden Injuries

You’ve been in a car accident, then you are in danger of hidden injuries. You were wearing your seatbelt, but you bumped your head on the steering wheel and you feel a bit sore, but you’re sure you’ll be fine in a day or two. A few days pass and you do feel better. A week later you start to get headaches but you brush them off as being stress-related. As the weeks go on, you find yourself having trouble sleeping and your normally easy-going personality has become moody and volatile. You finally go see your doctor only to find out that you’ve suffered a brain injury from the accident, and because you didn’t see your doctor within the required 14-day time period, you’ve lost all of your medical and legal claims.

Hidden Injuries can be extremely dangerous. When your body experiences any kind of trauma, it rushes to produce adrenaline and endorphins as a defense mechanism so that you can get out of a dangerous situation without being distracted by the pain. Even if there are no visible signs of trauma when you get into the accident, you may experience symptoms in the days or weeks following an accident.

hidden injuries


         A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury. Despite wearing your seatbelt, you could still hit your head on the steering wheel, headrest or window. Even airbags can cause a concussion. You may think that you merely “bumped” your head, but an undiagnosed concussion can cause lingering headaches, mood swings, and memory loss.



Most commonly caused by rear-end crashes, whiplashes happen when your body is held back by the seat belt and your head snaps forward or backward causing neck strains, ruptured ligaments and soft tissue damage. Typically, symptoms of whiplash don’t appear until 24-72 hours after the incident.


Traumatic Brain Injury

         Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI, is rarely visible to the naked eye. You could have swelling or bleeding in your brain that you are completely unaware of until symptoms begin to appear later. TBI can cause personality changes such as the loss of emotional or impulse control, memory loss, or other brain function. If not treated quickly, the effects of TBI could get much worse over time.



We all know the dangers of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder experienced by our soldiers, but PSTD can occur anytime the mind and body have a traumatic experience. After you’ve been in an accident, you may experience anxiety, depression, fear of driving, sleep problems and the inability to focus.

After your accident, you should be on the lookout for any of these symptoms:

  • Mild or severe headaches
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Nausea
  • Other body pain
  • Problems sleeping
  • Tingling in your fingers or toes
  • Dizziness
  • Light sensitivity

Because these issues may arise weeks down the road, you may not even attribute them to your accident. That’s why it’s so important to see a doctor immediately after an accident. At Safecare Docs, we know how important it is to be diagnosed promptly, even if you’re not displaying any symptoms so we’ll get you in to see a doctor quickly. We’ll examine you thoroughly, taking extra care to look for any hidden injuries that you may have. After your diagnosis, our doctors at Integrative Physical Medicine, who are experts in spinal manipulation and adjustments, can treat your medical issues and recommend therapeutic exercises that will aid in your recovery.

The “wait and see” method may work in the stock market but not with your health. If you’ve been in an accident, call us immediately at Integrative Physical Medicine and we’ll make sure there are no hidden injuries lurking that could cause complications down the line.










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