What Happens if I don’t #GETCHECKED ?

Hidden injuries that go uncorrected can resurface months or even years later as pain and arthritis. In particular with auto injuries an adrenaline rush can block your ability to feel pain. That’s why it’s critical to get checked by a professional injury care specialist.


How do I deal with the stress of an injury?

Feeling stressed about your injury is a very normal occurrence. Stress is a normal mechanism of the brain that is designed to protect you. Stress is a part of the healing process, and there are many different types of stress.


The Hospital released me…. I am ok right?

Our hospitals and ER physicians are among the best physicians on the planet, but their job is to make sure that when you enter that hospital, you are going to live for that night. Today, they are designed to bounce off one another, and bounce quickly, so there is minimal damage to the cars.


Should I contact my family physician?

We recommend to always let your family doctor, or primary care physician, know that you were in a car accident, and what specialists you are seeing. When you come to one of the SafeCare Docs clinics, all of our clinics have relationships in a network that we work with.


Should I see and Attorney before a Doctor?

If you are on a jury and the council asks, “who is the first person you saw after the accident?” and they reply that they saw their attorney first, there may be some prejudgment that they were really after the money in the case, rather than their health.


If I have an old injury will I still be covered?

Old injuries are not covered under insurance because you have had an existing problem before the accident. One of the good things about going to a SafeCare Docs clinic is that we are highly trained, and have specific ways to tell a new injury from an old injury.


My car isn’t damaged … I should be too right?

Twenty-five years ago, that was the case. Insurance companies used old car data from the cars that weighed 2-3 thousand pounds, and when they hit each other, they smashed.


How much will this cost? Is it covered by insurance?

Florida law works with what is called Pip insurance (Personal Injury Protection). The law states that you have to have $10,000 worth of medical coverage in Florida; that usually covers most of you auto injuries.


The insurance company keeps calling me what do I do?

No matter how nice that insurance adjuster is, they’ve been highly trained to ultimately do one thing, which is to pay out as little as possible towards your claim. They have a few shared responsibilities to their shareholders, and they do not have the responsibility to you.


Does the treatment hurt?

Nobody wants pain and suffering. All of the SafeCare Docs clinics, and all of the treatments, are based on objective documentation, and objective peer review research, on how we figure the injuries out. We use that data to put a plan together.


How long will the recovery time be?

If there is damage to the ligament in the muscle, or the soft tissue connecting the bone together, then the Medicine and Sports Science and Exercise Journals all agree that it can take up to 12 months for those areas to heal.


Why won’t my primary physician see me after an accident?

There is a twofold answer to this question. One, it is a different level of requirement and protocol that we have to go through when we deal with auto insurance. Your primary doctor would have to deal with what is called Major Medical and Pip Insurance, and they may not want to do that.


What is the process like to call Safecare Docs?

It is very simple; just call 855-723-3362, and you will be prompted. It will ask you what is your closest zip code, and it will automatically direct you to the nearest SafeCare Docs location. Once that call gets passed through, it will directly call the doctor’s office, and you just let them know you were in a car accident.


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