The Hospital Released Me So I’m Okay, Right?

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There’s little dispute that hospital and emergency room doctors are some of the best physicians on the planet.  They face some of the most unimaginable injuries and illnesses and save the lives of many people on a daily basis, all while working long hours in a lightning-paced, high-stress environment.  But ER doctors are basically there to make sure you’re going to live.  They check for broken bones that may need to be set, make sure you don’t have internal bleeding that could cause you to bleed to death, and ensure that you don’t need to be rushed into emergency surgery.  

They may perform x-rays, MRI’s, or CT scans, but they’re mainly looking for life-threatening injuries.  Nearly 70% of the patients who are seen by SafeCare Docs have been to the hospital and do not have life-threatening injuries, but they may have hidden injuries that could cause them long-term pain and mobility issues if not treated.  

Being seen by an ER doctor may, in fact, give you a false sense of security that you’re completely okay.  You may go on with your life and symptoms may begin to show from hidden injuries that were missed in the ER examination.  In the meantime, you’re working with the insurance company to settle the case (which they will want to do as quickly as they possibly can) and if you begin to show signs of hidden injuries, you’ll be out of luck with having the insurance company help with covering the cost of treatment, loss of income, etc.

So while the ER does a great job diagnosing life-threatening injuries, they’re not looking for hidden ones that will show up down the road bringing with them pain and expense.

Being checked by someone who is a specialist in injuries that occur when someone is in a car accident is critical.  Doctors who specialize in vehicle accident injuries are experts in soft tissue injuries and have specific criteria that they look for.  They look for pain in certain areas and perform specific tests to show hidden injuries or loss of any function.

The human body is an amazing piece of machinery.  If you injure one area, the body does its best to hide that injury so you can function normally and still sit, stand, run, move, walk, or work.  At SafeCare Docs, we’re able to look past these functions to detect any areas of deficiency.  We’re trained to find problems.  

Once we diagnose a deficiency, we can come up with a comprehensive treatment plan to get your function back to the point it was before the accident.  We’ll get you seen by a physician quickly before the 14-day window in which you can see a doctor closes, and we’ll work with your insurance company or lawyer to make sure you’re getting all the help you need.

Even if you’ve already been to the hospital, call Safecare Docs of Orlando today. We’ll give you peace of mind in knowing that nothing was missed, and if it was, we’ll get you quickly back on the road to recovery.

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