Orlando Auto Accident Stress

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Orlando Auto Accident Stress

Physical Stress

Orlando Auto Accident stress comes with being injured in a car accident are threefold; you could be left with physical, emotional, and financial damage that can last for years to come. Whether the effects are immediate or show up weeks or even years after the accident, it’s important to be checked by a doctor as soon as possible. Early detection will greatly increase your ability to heal properly, physically as well as mentally, and in Florida, a person must be seen by a physician within 14 days of the accident or he or she will lose the ability to file an insurance claim.

Most accidents are not fatal, but even fender-benders can cause injuries that, if not treated, can cause lasting pain and problems. Initially, painkillers may be used, but they only mask the problem, they do not repair it. For effective healing, a multi-faceted, long-term approach must be taken.

At Safecare Docs, we will not only diagnose any injuries that you may have, but we’ll lay out a plan that will give you a clear picture of what 3, 6, or 12 or more months of treatment will look like, as well as a concise path to follow for your recovery. We treat you on many levels that will include treatment by our expert staff of:

  • Medical Doctors
  • Chiropractic Doctors
  • Physical Therapists
  • Massage Therapists

Our Medical Doctors are highly trained physicians, located in Orlando, that deal with a wide range of fields within medicine and will diagnose any injuries, even hidden ones, that you may have after an accident and help come up with a comprehensive plan for your treatment. This is to help with Orlando Auto Accident Stress.

Our Chiropractic Doctors are experts in spinal manipulation that will fix misalignments of the joints which can cause other disorders by affecting nerves, muscles, and organs. Making adjustments to the spine can decrease inflammation and pain.

Our Physical Therapists use physical methods that treat injuries and include heat treatment, massage, electrical stimulation, and targeted exercises as an alternative to drugs or surgery. Effective physical therapy can improve your mobility and reduce or eliminate pain.

Our Massage Therapists use the art of massage to improve your blood circulation, reduce tension, to stimulate and sedate your body to promote healing. Using touch, they manipulate damaged soft body tissue, which can result in improvement in your physical as well as your mental well-being. Massage therapy is one of the most respected and oldest ways to promote healing.

orlando auto accident stress

A comprehensive treatment plan may involve several types of treatment depending on your injuries. They will be designed to work together to improve your health and your mobility after you’ve been in an accident. The professionals at Integrative Physical Medicine will work with you every step of the way to set a wellness goal and help you get there. We offer the best in medical and alternative treatments, all in one location.

At Safecare Docs, we’re a team. We’re your team. Call today 407-992-9898


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