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What you want to remember

- Take time to recover
- You will be in pain from your previous workout
- Give your muscles time to heal
- Make a plan

Reasons why you're not showing results.

- You're working too hard or not hard enough
- Everyone's age, weight, and height are
affected differently
- You're spending too much time at the gym,
causing your body stress

3 Tips for Weight Loss

Two of the main factors as to why you are not seeing weight loss results is because you are eating the wrong foods or you’re eating too much. Make sure that you are eating the right foods and staying away from junk as well as working out.
Are you lifting weights? By neglecting the physical action of using weights you're causing your body to not lose those extra pounds. Weight-lifting helps your body gain more muscle which in turn helps your body burn fat.

Cardio is great because it boosts your metabolism while keeping your heart healthy, but too much can eat away at your lean muscle mass which is essential for boosting your metabolism. Stick to 30 minutes of cardio at a time. Want to learn more? Read Exercise and Cardiovascular Health.

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