Why Choose SafeCare Docs?

Even minor accidents can cause long term damage. Get checked immediately after an accident.

“Untreated auto injuries are the #1 reason for post traumatic pain.

The sooner we start proper treatment the better a patients chances of a full recovery.”

If you’ve been in an auto accident you need to know the extent of your injuries and the treatment they require. SafeCare Docs give you an immediate assessment of your condition.

SafeCare Docs are highly trained physicians that deal with injuries specifically sustained in auto accidents…without the hidden agenda of any affiliated insurance company or attorney.

It’s easy.
It’s covered by insurance.

Our associate offices will file all the necessary insurance paperwork for you and handle any requests from attorneys. We will take the hassle out of your hands so you can focus on healing and getting back to life. Call today to schedule at a location that’s most convenient for you.

Why Call Us?

Quick Appointments


Simple Testing Procedures


Prevent Permanent Damage

Experienced Physicians


Make Better Decisions


Objective Assesment of Injury

Florida Law Requires It

Peace of Mind


It’s the Right Thing To Do

Get Out of Pain


Covered By PIP Insurance


SafeCare Docs are near you!

SafeCare Docs Florida Injury Care Assessment Team


Local: 407-438-2432

Please know we are not an emergency service. If you need emergency medical care please call 911.

National: 855-Safe-Doc

Call (407) 992-9898 Today!

Have you been injured in an auto accident? Orlando's auto injury doctor network.

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